Your SaaS: Build your App in Minutes

Melchor Tatlonghari
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Your SaaS: Build your App in Minutes

Introducing Your Saas, the boilerplate that enables you to quickly build your application with captivating design and storytelling at its core. Our focus is on helping you build a visually stunning product that effectively communicates its value. With built-in social proof and a user-friendly interface, you can captivate your audience and boost your chances of success.

Just change a few color and assets and have a new application ready to go.

1. Introduction: Your Saas is a cutting-edge boilerplate that empowers entrepreneurs and developers to kickstart their applications rapidly. Our unique offering focuses on equipping you with the necessary tools to create a visually captivating product that effectively conveys your story and value proposition. With our boilerplate, you can eliminate the hassle of traditional development workflows and accelerate your time to market.

2. Differentiation: What sets Your Saas apart from other boilerplates is our unwavering emphasis on design and storytelling. We understand that building a phenomenal product is not enough; you need to tell a compelling story around it to capture your audience's attention. Our boilerplate is tailored to seamlessly integrate captivating design elements, social proof, and animation, ensuring your product stands out from the competition.

3. Tech Stack: We leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver a seamless user experience. The stack includes NextJS for the UI, Tailwind for design, Google for Analytics, Stripe for Payments Integration, Auth0 for Authentication, and LottieJS for animations. While we currently incorporate YouTube and Twitter media, we have an exciting roadmap ahead that includes integrating databases and AI capabilities.

4. Customization Options: Your Saas empowers you to customize various aspects of your application effortlessly. You can easily tweak the overall design, color scheme, and even project assets through the user-friendly configuration file. Our intention is to provide you with a boilerplate that caters to your unique brand identity, ensuring a truly personalized experience for your users.

5. Lifetime Updates: When you purchase Your Saas, you gain access to lifetime updates aligned with our product roadmap at no additional cost. We are committed to continuously enhancing the boilerplate to meet evolving market demands and technological advancements.

6. Target Audience: Your Saas caters to a diverse range of audiences, including:

  • Tech-savvy individuals seeking to bring their ideas to life quickly
  • Founders with limited technical expertise looking to understand the development process and avoid starting from scratch
  • Junior to Senior engineers excited to venture into the world of SaaS development
  • Individuals seeking to streamline development and focus on their core value proposition
  • Entrepreneurs interested in gaining insights into building their own SaaS applications

7. Additional Services: If you require further assistance beyond the boilerplate, we offer additional services. This includes support for changing the design/layout, as well as modifying the tech stack. Depending on the complexity, there may be associated fees. We also cater to entrepreneurs seeking a fully customized SaaS solution, starting at a minimum investment of $15,000 for a minimum viable product.

8. Animation Customization: The animation featured on the homepage is built using the open-source Lottie library. Should you wish to change it, we offer a fee-based service to conduct the customization. Alternatively, you can explore the extensive library of animations available on LottieFiles for inspiration and ready-to-use alternatives.

9. Collaboration and Learning: While Your Saas accelerates your development process, it is important to note that you will still play an active role in the creation of your application. We aim to provide a comprehensive solution that empowers your journey but eliminates unnecessary complexity, allowing you to focus on your vision and core objectives.

Configuration Page that Allows you to Visualize your Changes.


How does this differ from the other boilerplates?

This bolierplate focuses on getting you up and running as fast as possible with design in mind. We know the value of storytelling, you can build the best product but without the correct way of telling the story no one will buy your product. This is why this boilerplate aims is to get you up and running as fast as possible with all the social proof built in.

What is the Tech Stack?

We are using NextJS, a modern Javascript library for the UI. Tailwind for Design. Google for Analytics. Stripe for Payments Integration. Auth0 for Authentication. LottieJS for animations. Youtube/Tweet Media. Database and AI integrations are part of the future roadmap.

What can I customize?

This boilerplate allows you to customize the overall design of the application, from the color scheme to project assets, to embedded youtube/tweeter media. You only need to change the configuration file and it will all be changed. See or head over to http://localhost:3000/config

What does "lifetime updates" exactly mean?

Once you have purchased code, you will have access to all of the future updates based on the roadmap, free of charge.

How does support work?

We're aware of the importance of well qualified support, that is why we decided that support will only be provided by the developer that actually worked on this project. Feel free to contact us and we'll help you out as soon as we can. Reach out to me at Twitter @meltatlonghari

What is the product roadmap? What are the future features you are planning to build

I plan to add database integration with DynamoDB and Open AI integration depending on the traction this product gains.

Who is the target audience of this product?

People who has some idea of tech but not sure where to start. Founders who want to get their applications up and running but have limited tech knowledge and want to have an idea what it takes to build or will be hiring an engineer but do not want to build everything from scratch. Junior to Senior Engineers that have not built their own SaaS yet and want to start fiddling around it. People who are not interested in wasting building alot of plumbing and want to focus on their key value proposition. People who are interested how to build their own SaaS.

What if I want to change the design/layout but do not know how to?

I can provide support to changing the layout but this will cost you some fees depending on complexity. I am currently a one man show and will have prioritize accordingly

What if I want to change tech stack?

Again, this will cost you depending on complexity. I am currently building my own products and will have to consider depending on how much you are offering and complexity of features. Do reach out to me in Twitter to discuss (@meltatlonghari)

What if I want you to build my SaaS?

The minimum amount I will consider to building your own SaaS is $15,000 for a minimum viable product, more complex will incur more. Reach out to me on Twitter if you are interested.

How do I change the animation on the homepage

I used the open source Lottie to build the animation at the home page, Lottie enables you to create animations only using JS files, I can change it for you for a fee, otherwise head on over to

Why does it feel like I will be doing alot of the work too?

Yes, the idea of the product is to just accelerate your work, not to build it for you, there is still some technical know how needed for you to get it up and running but it removes alot of the plumbing for you, hence the low price of the boilerplate.

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Your SaaS

Lifetime updates
Current Product Road: Database + AI integrations + More layouts
Repository Access
Get access to my repository and see updates live (please provide me your Github upon purchase via Twitter or here)
Configuration Page
Simplifies the Configuration process and tells you where you need to change what
Built-in Stripe Integration
Ready To Go Payments Integration
Single Sign On with Auth0
Ready To Go Authentication Integration
Google Analytics
Ready To Go Google Analytics Integration
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Your SaaS: Build your App in Minutes

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